Living Your Best “healthy” Life

It seems that every where you turn, you hear the phrase living your best life.  With the use of social media, this seems to heighten the indulgence of wanting to showcase the best life you’re living – be it fabricated or real.  But what does that really mean?


picture of eiffel tower

This can mean different things to everyone.  You, of course, define what that is for you and strive for that nirvana each day.  With that, I’d like to give you some food for thought while you attempt to live your best life.

One of the things that I’ve been focusing on this year is to live a healthier life.  Living your best life doesn’t only mean travelling to exotic locales and purchasing high-end designer items but being healthy to enjoy life’s pleasures.  Sometimes, life happens and the unthinkable happens.  However, you owe it to yourself to do your part and your best to take care of you.

You have one body and don’t get to trade it in, so you owe it yourself to do your best to live a healthy life.  Living healthy is a lifestyle choice and not a fad diet or temporary fix.  As with anything worth having, it takes sacrifice.  In order to have that JLo body, it takes hard work and commitment.

Making this lifestyle change is where the sacrifice comes in.  My suggestion is to start gradually with small changes and systematically add to your eating plan until it becomes your new normal. Below are some suggestions on your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

  1.  Incorporate green smoothies into your routine – about 3 times per week. Here’s a recipe I like – Green Smoothie.  I usually skip the coconut butter and replace coconut milk with almond milk or coconut water.
  2. Drink plenty of water – start with 64 ounces.  I try to do about 80 – 96 ounces daily and add lemons and cucumber.
  3. Add lots of leafy green vegetables
  4. Significantly reduce sugar intake – particularly soda
  5. Decrease fried foods
  6. Exercise – at least three times a week.  You don’t have to go hard or try to kill yourself.  Simply start by walking or doing some light exercise.  Also try yoga for strength and flexibility; particularly for the knees.
  7. Get massages and facials at least once a quarter.  Use Groupon for deals or try some of the new spas that offer monthly memberships.

Here’s to living your best healthy life.  May the wind always be at your back and your life full of love and laughter!


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